Soul Retrieval: Three Part Ceremony 


Removing Spiritual Intrusions

Using Rattle, Drum and Voice to balance energy and remove anything that is ready to be released from your energy field. Anything that is ready will be removed and offered to nature to be transmuted into energy that can be used again. This part of the ceremony clears the way for the Soul Fragments to be invited home again. 

Inviting Power and protection 

During this part of the ceremony a Power Animal will be retrieved to aid in protecting and guiding you in your life. It may have been assisting you all along or it may be joining you now to assist you through a specific part of your life journey. After the ceremony you will be invited to make an offering to welcome and thank the spirit for its presence in your life.

Bringing the Soul Fragments Home

During our life there are many experiences and traumas that can leave us feeling like less of ourselves. It can feel as if we are cut off from some of our innate gifts. The Soul Retrieval calls these fragments home and gives us access to long forgotten gifts. This is truly the beginning of a beautiful healing process of integration and coming home to yourself.