Land/Space Clearing

Ahead of Time

1.     I ask for a photo of the space/land, if possible, with address

2.     I will also ask you to write down your intentions for the space/land

3.     I journey shamanically to meet the spirits of the land to see if the what is required.  I will energetically move through the space to remove energy blockages, troublesome earth bound spirits or take care of areas that need clearing. 

4.      During that journey I will also ask the spirits about a ceremony to perform along with the clearing/blessing and make note of any offerings/ceremonial objects the spirits suggest and bring these supplies to the ceremony.


On Site

1.     The clearing process includes smudging the space/land carefully with sage, rattling, drumming, and singing throughout. I will set the intentions you have prepared ahead of time for each of the spaces involved.

2.     I will perform a power animal retrieval to protect the occupants of the space/land. I will set the protective animal spirit in the space in the way that the spirits instruct. 

3.    I will remove any remaining energies and intrusions. 

4.     I will ask the spirit of place to welcome the occupants (yourself and family as required) and ask for their blessings and protection (and also ask how they like to be honoured).


Following the Ceremony

1.     I will make offerings and final prayers and send an email report about the ceremony including what the spirits request for you to be doing on occasion to make sure the protective spirits are honoured.

2.     You will follow up on the requests from the spirits and make the offerings etc they are usually fairly easy to do - otherwise the spirits may be displeased and leave.