Releasing Ancestral Burdens

Offering Ancestral Healing to individuals who wish to release themselves and future generations from the burdens of their ancestors.

This process not only heals the individual, it also helps release our ancestors from the suffering that they have carried for centuries. 


Patterns of Abuse





Mental Health Concerns


This process will include creating an object that will represent these burdens, combined with a release ceremony to allow these burdens to begin to be resolved so they will not influence us any longer and will not be passed down to our future generations. 

You will be taught to journey and connect to your own ancestors to see what burdens they wish to be released from.

To complete the process a ceremony will be done on your behalf to reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost due to the trauma of living with these patterns within your family. 


This process can be done individually and  would be an extremely powerful experience to do as a family.